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Summary of the Department of Health and Human Services 

Healthcare Sector Cybersecurity Strategy

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Cyber incidents in all industries including healthcare are on the rise. In response, the United States government has released the National Cyber Security Strategy Guidance - Cybersecurity Performance Goals in July of 2023:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued:

  • Voluntary healthcare cybersecurity guidance 

  • Cybersecurity training support for small and mid-sized healthcare organizations 

  • Quality System Considerations for medical devices 

  • Telehealth guidance for patients and providers 

These Cybersecurity Performance Goals will: 

  • Help healthcare institutions prioritize critical implementation

  • Include both essential (immediate) and enhanced (longer term) goals  

The HHS will obtain new authority for: 

  • Updating HIPAA to include new cybersecurity requirements imposing new Medicare and Medicaid requirements 

  • Conducting investigations and pro-active audits and increase monetary penalties for violations 


The HHS will obtain new funding for: 

  • Technical assistance for low-resourced organizations to improve compliance 

  • Defraying upfront costs associated with implementing “essential” goals 

  • Offering Incentive programs to encourage hospitals to implement “enhanced” goals

How Security Counsel can help: 

  • We can help you understand and implement the recommendations surrounding these Cybersecurity Performance Goals 

  • We help you achieve the essential goals quickly and systematically work toward the enhanced goals

  • We have a specialized focus on healthcare organization cybersecurity operations  

  • We can help you understand the available Federal funding to help offset some of the costs of this effort

  • One of our board members, a CISO at a large healthcare network, was an integral part of the team that drafted the guidance



through phishing, ransomware and other human-centered means



hospital infrastructure

and security operations deficiencies



HIPAA, HICP 405D, and

other patient-centric requrements

Cyberattacks involved over 40M individual patient records in the first half of 2023

Attacks are up 104% from the second half of 2022 to the

first half of 2023

57% of healthcare providers reported negative patient outcomes due to cyberattacks


The full cybersecurity team at the Department of Health and Human Services consists of these organizations

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