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The Critical Components of a

Successful Security Program

Below is a list of the key areas that need to be part of every security program. Only the successful completion and integration of all of these activities will result in a comprehensive solution set to meet all of your security and privacy goals.


Managing Risk

Policy Creation

Vendor Management

Implementing Safeguards

Establishing administrative, technical, and physical controls customized to both local and cloud infrastructure

Developing executive risk assessments & risk registers and facilitating risk management

Authoring external and internal policies and SOPs, responding to client assessments and audits, and aligning policy across business stakeholders

Performing supplier assessments, managing critical vendors, building SLAs, and performing contract negotiations


Cyber Governance

Security Training

Incidence Response

Measuring Effectiveness

Gap analysis against common security control frameworks, showing progress via metrics, and developing strategic initiatives aligned with business risk

Developing consistent SOC information workflows, performing staff evaluations, and determining appropriate insurance and IR retainer coverage

Developing employee awareness training programs, presenting training, evaluating employment life cycles, and providing ombudsman services

Providing customized reporting to technical, non-technical, and executive stakeholders (including KPIs, KRIs, and technical metrics), and presenting to executives and boards


Who We Engage With

Our clients recognize that their security plans have not yet reached their full potential. Perhaps they have had a breach. Maybe they need to become compliant with a new regulation. We support their rapid growth by building a critical security

infrastructure and developing key personnel. Tapping into our resources and leveraging our expertise, clients thrive in their next level of security and compliance. Our ultimate goal is for you to not need us for your day-to-day success moving forward.


Cloud and Software Development

Providing comprehensive security for Cloud Service Provider SaaS, & PaaS deployments and providing application security for custom-built applications.


Higher Education &


Building and supporting security programs for academic institutions and other non-profit organizations with limited or donor-based funding


Venture Capital & Startups

Providing VC portfolio company security assessments & audits and establishing early stage security programs for start up companies


United States Government

Implementing secure systems while navigating federal, state, and local regulatory requirements such as FISMA, StateRamp, IRS Pub 1075, and more


Highly Regulated Industries

Navigating complex and overlapping compliance requirements and ensuring security and business risk drives compliance efforts


Healthcare and Biotechnology

Ensuring effective security in industries with health regulatory oversite such as HIPAA, MARS-E, CAP/CLIA, 405d HICP, HPH-CPG and more

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