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MD3 Cybersecurity Firm Relaunches as
“Security Counsel”


Published on May16th, 2023: 14:40GMT

Chicago, IL – Cybersecurity firm MD3 Consulting has announced that it has relaunched and rebranded as Security Counsel, LLC, an information security management consultancy. 


Security Counsel will have an expanded business model beyond fractional (vCISO) security governance services to also include the Provider FederationThis extended team of information security partners will bring extensive experience and resources to any client regardless of industry or vertical; without the cost of full-time or other permanent staffing. This makes Security Counsel the perfect choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. 


Matt Dechant - CEO and fractional CISO comments,  

"We are excited to bring on this new capability and are committed to becoming an integral and highly collaborative part of our clients' teams. Whether you need fractional security officers, security team members, technical project managers, or other specialized resources, the Provider Federation can bring just the right mix of resources and experiences to best support your Information Security initiatives.” 



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