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Security Counsel CEO to brief company leaders in InfoSec best practices at Blue Team Con 


Published on August 17th, 2023: 15:51GMT

Chicago, IL, August 17th, 2023 –   On Friday August 25th, Matt DeChant, CEO Security Counsel, will present key topics at The Private Director’s Association Cybersecurity Board Training event, conducted in collaboration with the annual Blue Team Con cybersecurity conference. 

As stated by the PDA, forthcoming SEC regulations may soon require that a qualified cybersecurity expert is present on public boards. While this does not legally affect private boards, PDA considers the requirement to be good practice and, furthermore, recommends that all board members receive basic cybersecurity training. 

Matt will be leading a discussion on the expectations of board members related to oversite and support of their company's information security systems. He will also conduct an incident response work session (tabletop exercise) including a focus on public relations, legal, insurance, planning, and oversight components of a simulated incident. 

Matt notes: 

"I am very happy to be presenting at this conference to a group of highly influential private company board members. To ensure a company’s unwavering commitment to information security and privacy, the mandate has to come from the top. These leaders are guaranteed to leave the event with a much clearer idea of how to methodically determine their companies’ security risk profiles and understand the overall health of their security programs. It’s very rewarding to be able to help so many companies improve their level of cyber-fitness.” 


Security Counsel has been created as the next-stage evolution in fractional information security resourcing. Security Counsel specializes in designing and building information security programs from the inside out by providing fractional FTE support (including vCISO services) and bringing extensive technical experience without the challenges and costs of hiring permanent leadership. Security Counsel has also organized the Provider Federation, a consortium of seasoned cybersecurity professionals who together bring a depth of experience and bandwidth to your organization. 

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