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30 Year Tech Veteran Joins Security Counsel as Partner


Published on June 29th, 2023: 16:53GMT

Chicago, IL, May 20th, 2023 – Cybersecurity firm Security Counsel announces that Craig Scherer will join as an equity partner. Craig is a 34-year veteran of medtech consulting and founder/senior partner of the consulting firm Insight, a design and innovation consultancy. 


Craig will head up the firm’s business development activities which includes building the Provider Federation (Security Counsel’s extended team of information security partners and professionals), along with strategic sales and marketing oversight and will help run business operations. Craig brings a proven history of building tech-based consultancies and helping them drive aggressive growth. 


Craig Scherer, Partner, Business Development 

"I am very happy to be joining Matt and our other strategic partners and associates in their unique vision for cybersecurity consulting. It is exciting to bring my skill set to this new venture as we drive Security Counsel to aggressive growth targets and become leaders in information security management consulting.” 


Security Counsel has been created as the next-stage evolution in fractional information security resourcing. Security Counsel specializes in designing and building information security programs from the inside out by providing fractional FTE support (including vCISO services) and bringing extensive technical experience without the challenges and costs of hiring permanent leadership. Security Counsel has also organized the Provider Federation, a consortium of seasoned cybersecurity professionals who together bring a depth of experience and bandwidth to your organization. 


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