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Security Counsel - A new breed of cybersecurity professionals

Updated: May 24, 2023

Security Counsel has been created as the next stage of evolution in fractional information security resourcing. We specialize in designing and building information security programs from the inside out. As part of this offering, Security Counsel can provide fractional FTE support, including vCISO services, bringing technical experience without the challenges and costs of hiring permanent leadership.

In recent years this concept of fractional Information Security resourcing, often in the form of a vCISO, has become very popular. This model can be much more cost effective than full-time staff. In recent years, it has solved the challenge of finding Information Security leadership for many small and mid-sized enterprises.

Security Counsel is a little different, however. We are made up of several small, but well established, information security consulting firms and individuals. We come together to create an extremely broad and deep level of experience into what we call the Provider Federation.

Breadth and Depth of Experience

For SMBs, it can be challenging to find a vCISO with just the right expertise and experiences for your particular set of challenges or in your specific industry segment. Utilizing a vCISO can tap into experiences gleaned from multiple and varied engagements, however, any single vCISO may not have the exact experiences that are specific to what your organization needs.

Security Counsel has solved this resourcing problem by bringing together a consortium of small cyber security consulting firms and individuals into a cooperative that greatly expands the resource pool in terms of breadth and depth.

Taking your resourcing to the next level by tapping into the Provider Federation can bring several different vCISOs into the mix resulting in an even larger probability that we can provide the vCISO which is the best match for your organization. Additionally, they can bring a support staff of Deputy CISOs, Security Architects, Security Engineers, Security Analysts, and Technical Writers that will perfectly round out the team and provide the best solution for your organization's needs.

Advanced and Integrated Team Training

Another key area of value that you will receive when working with Security Counsel is our tireless dedication to internal team integration and training. Our philosophy of service is not to sweep in and take over your systems but to instead become an integral part of your team. This approach will prevent your internal team from feeling like outsiders, being unable to contribute.

Instead, we start every engagement by taking the time to understand your internal capabilities, strengths, and areas of contribution. Then, throughout the process, we take every opportunity to mentor and train your team, relying on them to become a perfectly meshed part of your newly designed and implemented information security system.

With Security Counsel, you are also engaging with a company that has created specific methods and training curricula that allows us to “grow our own” resources, training them to have the skills needed to support your team. More often than not, these newly trained graduates are permanently placed in your organization as new hires, being already capable of doing the work that your system requirements demand. Once onboarded, their training continues in real world scenarios in methods and processes that will result in your team being qualified and ready to support your security system, long after our engagement ends.

Moving Forward

While it’s true, Security Counsel is a newly formed organization, our experience spans decades across numerous Provider Federation partner vCISOs who are standing by to lead you through your most challenging security issues. This same group will ensure that you have the right resources at the right time and that your internal team will be well equipped to keep your systems running smoothly over the long haul.

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