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cybersecurity team reviewing checklist
Management Consultants
Experienced resources to meet your
mission critical cybersecurity challenges

We specialize in designing and building information security programs from the inside out.


As part of this offering, Security Counsel provides fractional FTE support, including vCISO services, bringing technical experience without the challenges and costs of hiring permanent leadership.

Our Services
creatng a secure environment

The Value We Provide

Security Counsel offers a portfolio of practices, triage, and professional services. Companies will benefit from our mature, strategic approaches to information security portfolio and program management. We bring extensive technical experience without the financial burden of full-time internal leadership.

Providing Security Leadership

Problem: It is very time consuming and difficult to hire full-time information security team members at all levels. There is frequent turnover and it can...

Expanding Access to Resources 

Problem: Bringing on a vCISO alone may not solve your resourcing needs. Often, an individual vCISO may lack the necessary experience and... 

Building Internal Capability

Problem: Bringing in external resources can sometimes make us feel like we're losing control or concerned about what will happen after the...

The Security Briefing

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News and Events

Security Counsel's Core Operating Principles


Protect safety and privacy because without privacy there is no confidentiality, a core tenet of information security


Make the most impactful security improvements in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of money


Take a security-forward approach by prioritizing your business risk reduction over satisfying every regulator request and client demand

Is Security Counsel a Good Fit for Your Business?

We are proactive, we are responsive, and we provide security leadership


We know your environment is hostile so we arm you to fight effectively


We achieve alignment with exceptional communication and teamwork


We aggressively seek out and systematically eliminate cyber threats


We add the right resources at the right time with the Provider Federation 


We help you sleep better at night and breathe easier during the day

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